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Would 2020 Just Go Home Already?

by The Evil Overlady

I know for a fact that I’m not the only person out there who wishes that 2020 could have a rewind and a complete redo. To say the very least, it’s been insane.

A pandemic afflicting the entire world, people in either camp of believing it exists and behaving appropriately, and those who deny its very existence and doing their own thing, becoming ill and “sharing” that illness with others.

It’s a shitshow, no doubt about it.

I’m in the former camp.

I have a nonagenarian Mother who I love very much and who I want to keep as healthy as possible, so I wear my mask when I go outdoors and I minimize contact with “outside” people (those I am no related to) as much as humanly possible. I don’t want to bring this thing home to my family.

Meanwhile, there are those who think that it’s no big deal, despite over 200 THOUSAND dead Americans as of this writing. No, they’d rather believe stupid-ass conspiracy theorists instead of physicians and science.

Yes, science. Remember that?

I do.

And I believe the real doctors and the scientists, not the armchair pretenders to that throne.

I’ve had social media friends die of this thing. People with whom I had a rich online relationship, and I will never see them again now.

No, don’t get into the whole “Heaven” thing. I have my own opinions of such things.

I want to take the doubters and smack the shit out of them. Do the whole MOONSTRUCK Cher “snap out of it!” thing with all of them.

I know there is little chance of their actually paying attention if/when I did it, but it would be cathartic as hell, wouldn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Would 2020 Just Go Home Already?

  1. It has hit me closer to home.

    My dog groomer groomed my Tibetan Spaniel about 4 months ago. At noon, she exited the building with him in her arms and handed him to me through the car window. We spoke for a couple minutes. Normally we make his next appointment when we pick him up. This time, she had left her appointment book inside. She promised to call me.

    When we hadn’t heard from her after about three months, we called the animal shelter where she works – Casey is a puppy mill rescue adopted through a Seniors for Seniors program that gives him free haircuts. We left a message. It never occurred to us that anything was wrong other than the fact that they were obviously swamped with work.

    A couple days later, the other groomer Paulette called to say Dawn had handed Casey back to me and gone home immediately after not feeling well. A week later – she was gone from Covid.

    I guess we dodged a bullet talking to her through the window.. I remember it was a warm sunny day and I had the window all the way down.

    One week. That is all she lived after going home sick. Blessedly, the other groomer Paulette did not catch it, nor did anyone else. Dawn was very conscious of the health of others and chose to leave at the first sign of trouble. She was a lovely woman, loved my crazed beast very much, and never did anything to anyone to deserve it.

    I didn’t know her other than as “Casey’s lady” – the lady who was a groomer and trainer and had special skills when it came to handling dogs with severe problems from puppy mills. My guy was in one five and a half years and the shelter actually taught him how to walk on solid ground before we got him.

    Anyway, it haunts me knowing that Dawn – that wonderful caring lady who patiently spent 40 minutes cutting the face of my guy while he snapped and bit at her – probably died alone.

    And now that The MAGAT has had it himself – assuming he actually DID – it bothers me to hear him say to his crowd, “Who had it? I feel your pain – because I HAD your pain.”

    No, you pathetic cretin – you didn’t have Dawn’s pain. To you, she is just a number – one of 217,000 most of whom died alone and afraid.

    If there was a way that those who choose to ignore science and refuse to wear masks and socially distance could get it and not share it with those of us who are fighting the battle against it, I would be the first to say, “Go ahead and skip the mask. Die – what do I care?” But The MAGAT’s case kind of proved that getting Covid is like being in a car wreck with a drunk driver in the other car. The drunk is always the guy who walks away with scratches – leaving behind carnage and grieving families.

    And don’t give me that crap about having asthma or something else that makes you medically exempt from wearing masks. Plenty of doctors and nurses have asthma, COPD and other breathing illnesses. And yet, not only have they been managing to wear masks through one and often two and three shifts – but they are often wearing the same one because our government decided not to take advantage of the Defense Production Act and have been quietly shipping a lot of our stockpile to Russia. ONE MASK that they sterilize by leaving it on the dashboard of their car to let the sun do its job.

    Now The MAGAT says if he loses, there’s a good chance he’ll leave America. No, he won’t. Because the minute it is announced that he loses – assuming that is the outcome – I think we all need to storm the White House with pitchforks and tiki torches and enact a little Frankenstein style justice. Leaving him there for two months will only result in a shitstorm unleashed by a rabid maniac. No doubt, the paper shredders are already working overtime.

    All I can say beyond that is VOTE – and tell them Ruth sent you. Just remember what you watched on TV last week. While our Senators SHOULD have been working on a stimulus package that would help us as winter approaches, instead they were busy ramming a SCOTUS candidate who is entirely biased and a terrible liar just to pack the court and keep the laws of this land conservative for the next 50 years. It’s Back to the Past time, people. Face it. That is how they want it.

    And if that isn’t enough to get you off your ass to vote for Joe Biden – I don’t know what is.

    Charie D. La Marr
    Proud granddaughter of a suffragette and newswoman
    Worked for Bobby Kennedy in 1968
    Registered Democrat since 1971
    Democratic Committee Person for Nassau County – first elected on 9/14.71 – the day after my 18th birthday, making me the youngest person to hold office in New York. Served 2 terms.
    Proud 3rd generation Democrat, who raised a 4th generation Democrat.

  2. I think everyone by now knows someone who has had COVID. 🙁 In my case, my relatives and friends have so far recovered, one of them twice. I’m sorry for your loss and I agree with your conclusions, and with your grief. Our population is living two very different versions of life right now, those who stay IN for their own good and the welfare of others, and those who have to wear the masks and go out and fight the battle. BOTH are difficult, but those out there fighting the battle deal with more uncertainly and little or no support and advice to aid them. We HAVE to turn this around. We need to vote a landslide and back that overseas container right up to the White House and shove Trump and his cabinet into it. Thank you for your article.

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