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Just Pure Rage — Yep, This One’s VERY Political

by The Evil Overlady

I’m not sure if Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s body was even cold yet before Moscow Mitch McConnell made his vow that a candidate for the Supreme Court of the United States would be put to the floor within the next few days.

This is after 2016, when McConnell and Graham said that an appointment couldn’t be made to replace Scalia in President Obama’s final year in office. That left Obama’s pick dangling in the figurative wind.

Last night, those selfsame motherfuckers said that it’s okay that an appointment is made THIS time because the Republicans control the Senate.

I’m not sure how that makes a difference, except in their own myopic, power-grabbing minds.

As my dear daughter pointed out this morning, this means that Trump is admitting that he won’t win in November and thus needs a Justice on the Court who will side with him in the event of close Election results. He NEEDS someone on the Court willing to lick the shit off his ass to be confirmed for a second Term in the White House.

Justice Ginsburg said on her death bed that her wish was that no one be appointed to her seat until after Inauguration Day 2021, but it’s clear that’s the last thing the Rethuglicans want to do.

I stand with the Notorious RBG in her wish that an appointment is not made until after Inauguration Day, and I hope you will join me in that stance.

#RBG #RBGForever #NoAppointmentUntilInauguration #BidenHarris #BlueNoMatterWho

4 thoughts on “Just Pure Rage — Yep, This One’s VERY Political

  1. I wish everyone would use his full, proper name: Moscow Mitch McTreason. I want him to go down in history as the leader of the movement to destroy democracy in America. I want his children and grandchildren to be so ashamed of him they have to change their names and move. I want that fucker REMEMBERED for what he did.

  2. If Trump has had a henchman, it’s been Mitch McConnell! Let’s see them BOTH voted OUT together! Get out your brooms, All Us Democratic Witches, and let’s sweep Congress!!!

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