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Silence Equals Complicity

Welcome to Evil Overlady!

Well, hello there, I’m your wicked Evil Overlady. Glad to see you here.

This site is about politics, and will likely include rants/screeds/opinions on political parties, religion, left wing versus right wing, and all the nasty guts in between.

Lunatic commenters will be shown the door. I don’t have time for that sort of bullshit in my life.

If you’d like to become a contributor to the site, email me at [email protected] (or chat me up on Facebook) and perhaps we can come to an agreement.

While I can’t afford to pay for articles, I am happy to allow reasonable advertising of the goods and/or services you offer within your article.

I look forward to hearing from you.

~~The Evil Overlady

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Evil Overlady!

  1. I’m not sure what I’ll contribute, but my rants may be uncontrollable in… well, a couple of weeks, more or less. I’ll join if you’ll have me.

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