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Senator David Perdue: Racist Sack of Shit Republican

by The Evil Overlady

Yes. California Democrat and Senator Kamala Harris has a “different” name, but it’s not at all difficult to pronounce. Just say “Comma-la” and you’ll get it right.

But no, Kamala’s fellow Senator, shit-for-brains racist Republican Senator David Perdue decided to be a smarmy little twatwaffle and pretend he didn’t know how to say her name in front of a Trump rally audience of thousands.

Yes, thousands.



During COVID=19.

But that’s a rant for another time.

How many years have Kamala Harris and David Perdue spent together in the Senate? There is no way he does not know how to pronounce her name at this point.

You know there is no way he doesn’t know how to pronounce her name, but no. He had to fuck around to get the cheap laugh from the plague-infested deplorables in the audience. Gin up those campaign donations from brain dead thugs before they openly sicken and die.

I cannot get how people can support this sort of shit. When they know someone is this horrible, how can they continue to vote for them?

The thing that ultimately makes me happy here is that all of these racist motherfuckers have outed themselves and so now we know who they are and they won’t be able to crawl back into their dark corners and cracks in the Foundation of our country.

Dan Rather’s NEWS & GUTS site wrote an excellent article about the incident.

3 thoughts on “Senator David Perdue: Racist Sack of Shit Republican

  1. I was originally from Georgia so I am very familiar with the shitty slurs and racist and in generally demeaning tactics employed by the “Good Ole Boys” bunch set of politicians, mainly from wealthy manufacturing families. The word “Perdue” in Georgia stands for “chicken.” Let’s see how these boys fly when they are voted OUT! (I now live and write in California — these last 20 years. 🙂

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