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The Cancer’s Cancer Is Terminal…Finally

by The Evil Overlady

As you may already know, lunatic ultra-conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh was diagnosed with lung cancer. Most of us found out about it, I think, when Shitstain von Spackleweasel (aka the Trumpenführer) presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Limbaugh is pretty much the ‘father’ of the current malaise that has gripped the United States. He encouraged assholes like Alex Jones to present lunatic conspiracy theories as fact, which brought about crazies like QAnon, and so on and so on and so on.

Rush Limbaugh hasn’t done anything positive for this country at all, from what I can tell. He has been a venomous little demigod and he needed to be stripped of this throne decades ago. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and he gained in power and influence.

He weathered exposure as a drug addict who was addicted to oxycontin, at the very least. He experienced progressive hearing loss until it left entirely and he was able to get a Cochlear Implant to aid him in “hearing” things.

I had no sympathy for him in any of these cases, so why would I feel any different when his lung cancer was revealed.

To be honest, my reaction was “Good”.

I was even more pleased today, my birthday (so I consider it a sort of gift), to hear that his cancer is terminal. Finally, something he can’t find a way to weasel out of. Something that will eat away at his body much in the way that his words have eaten away at the very foundation of this country, the Great Experiment.

If I could, I’d piss on his grave if the opportunity presented itself.

Honestly, I’m quite positive I’m not the only one.

So die, Rush Limbaugh, but not quickly.

I want you to suffer the way you’ve made the truly good people in this country suffer.

The people who aren’t rich and powerful.

The people who actually have to scramble to make sure they have food in their bellies and a roof of some sort over their heads.

The ones you publicly denigrated and called all manner of foul names.

I want you to cry out to your god for succor, and I want that god to turn away from you.


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