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Right Before the Election

By Mari Sloan

Some thoughts on the condition of the country and its future, right before election day. Things to consider before voting:

Systemic Racism
Still happening, new incident yesterday, damn it. Difference? People are noticing and commenting on it. ONE party condemns it and is looking for solutions. The other party approves it.

A lot of little children are still looking for their parents. Harassing immigrants is still happening, just has been kicked out of the spotlight by COVID-19.

The Economy.
UP! What a surprise! Businesses are going from shut-down to a few trying to open up. DUH.

The Pandemic
Numbers are going up in almost every state. What a surprise! Businesses are trying to open up. ONE party advocates listening to medical and scientific experts and following their directions. The other party called them idiots and thinks if we just wait long enough and ignore it, things will get better. Those of us who live will be fine.

Health insurance
One party thinks it needs to be available for everyone, should cover preexisting conditions and should not force anyone to mortgage their house if anyone in the family actually gets sick. The other party? Well, they have a great plan and …………….. (Maybe it would show up someday.)

VOTE! (One party is openly trying to suppress the vote. Wonder why?)

Democrats lost the last election by not showing up, by assuming that no one would vote for someone who had never succeeded in any other part of his life, was being sued by many, ducked out on his own responsibilities and now wanted to be president. We know how THAT turned out.


One thought on “Right Before the Election

  1. Biden is moving ahead steadily in the polls. The next state “called” (except for North Carolina) will make him our President-elect. Even Trump voters, except for the radical, hard-core ones, are starting to breath sighs of relief.
    How are you going to celebrate? Bottle of Champagne? Whooping and hollering?
    I think I am going to cry.
    FOUR years of worry, disappointment in America, sadness at watching the world around me come apart at the seams, mourning for friends lost, some forever due to illness and death, some who will probably return but never feel trustworthy to me again, four years of invisible scars — silver tears that will let the sorrow out in one deep cleansing.
    This has also been an education for me far more valuable than any I’ve received in any school.
    I am now political.
    I faced the parts of myself that had been superficial and now understand the difference between token and total acceptance.
    I am in some ways broken but in all ways a better person than I was.
    And there is still future ahead.

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