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Silence Equals Complicity

Willful Stupidity

by The Evil Overlady

An older woman who does physical therapy at the place I go to told me today that she’s not voting at all because she “won’t support” either side.

She’s CONVINCED that if Joe Biden is elected, our country will devolve into socialism (the “bad” kind, I suppose).

Her negative opinion of Kamala Harris made the wall behind her bleed.

I behaved myself. I really did.

I wanted to tell her that not voting is a vote for the status quo.

I wanted to tell her that she is able to get the PT she needs because of the Affordable Care Act (which she loathes, but I’m sure she’d be even more upset if she lost it and the PT she’s able to get).

I wanted to tell her that the disability payments she’s getting are because of the social contract that America’s citizens made with the government.

See that word? “Social“? You know…”socialism“?

I wanted to tell her that Nematode von Wartwhistle wants to obliterate the ACA entirely.


I kept my mouth shut.

But believe me when I tell you that I am over the Moon that I won’t have to see her again after this next Monday when I have my final PT appointment.

I’ve no time for her kind of willful stupidity.

2 thoughts on “Willful Stupidity

  1. What can I say? My original home was Georgia. I just read a post on a much loved relative’s page that lauded Trump for nine or ten things that ranged from the economy (reaping benefits from the previous administration) to “being the first president since Eisenhower not to wage war” to “killing terrorists,” forming “Far East Peace agreements,” “having a better treaty than NAFTA” and “getting a vaccine before Christmas.” I posted articles that revealed the flaws in each, but then told her that EVEN if he WERE the person who flaunted conventions and did all those marvelous things, as long as he incited white supremacists at his rallies and refused to wear a face mask or follow medical advice that could protect people like me, he would never have my vote. I am sick about this. 🙁

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