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Post-Election 2020 Insanity

by The Evil Overlady

It’s been nearly two weeks since the election on November 4, 2020, and Der Trumpenführer is insisting, despite all evidence to the contrary, that he won the election instead of former Vice President, now President-Elect, Joe Biden.

The Electoral spread is currently at 306 to 232, with Biden enjoying a considerable and quite comfortable lead. That pretty much says it all.

Trump has spent the past nearly-two weeks rage tweeting (mostly in all-caps) about how the election was “rigged” (no it wasn’t, or the Democrats would have taken the Senate as well) and that fraud was rampant (despite statements from even GOP watchdogs that this election was the most the secure in history to this point). His minion, former New York Mayor (and failed Nosferatu) Rudy Giuliani, has been sent off in full-on Renfield-like obedience to continue to drum up support (read: money) from the frothing horde of Trumpers.

Trump’s minions are out there, participating in mostly-maskless COVID-19 superspreader rallies to support the lame duck, and it doesn’t look as though any of that blazing, rampant stupidity will end soon.

Especially for those who end up contracting COVID-19 either from having attended those gatherings unmasked themselves, or from contracting it from the fucking idiots who attended those gatherings. I hope they can explain to their grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, or friends why it was okay that they got sick, too.

Or maybe they’ll try to explain at some point during or after the funeral. We’ll see, I guess.

The leader of what was called “the largest militia in the United States” has said that they will not accept a Biden presidency. That sounds like something that won’t end well for someone.

These are the same assholes said that we should just suck it up when their candidate won the Electoral Vote in 2016 (Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton), but they certainly aren’t following that suggestion now that it’s their candidate who is being shown the door. No, instead they’re being whiny snowflakes who are all butthurt that their fascism is being kicked to the curb.

I read that some fucking braindead idiot decided to appear at a Trump rally over the weekend dressed as Homelander from THE BOYS, but with a Trump mask. Either the proto-NAZI didn’t care that the character is a homicidal maniac or they haven’t actually seen the show.

Either way, it’s mind-numbing and unacceptable. Even the show’s creator, Eric Kripke is shocked and more than a little confused at the choice.

All of this said, right down, the people in Trump’s administration who are supposed to be facilitating a smooth and relatively seamless change to a Biden administration are doing their level best to fuck all of that up. Trump is firing people across agencies who he feels aren’t loyal to him and replacing them with those he feels will continue with whatever the hell he wants them to do.

For the record, at this point, I want to see Trump dragged from the White House by Secret Service members, kicking and screaming, while trying to hold onto the door frame with his fat little fingertips.

He does NOT get to hold the People and the People’s House hostage. That’s not how our Country is supposed to work. We have rules and he is currently choosing to ignore them. He needs to face the very real consequences of his illegal behavior.

3 thoughts on “Post-Election 2020 Insanity

  1. Exactly!
    In tribute I have composed a poem.
    Actually, I haven’t composed it yet, but I will, just now.

    You continue to be.
    When Trumpdragon calls your name.
    Unlike the rest
    You’re AT your best
    Amid chaos and shame.
    Oh, please, be gone
    I’ll sing your song
    A nursery rhyme at best.
    Remove your God
    That ton of lard
    At my fervent behest.
    From the Rose Garden
    And the Oval Office
    To the Golf course
    I confess!
    While we clean up
    Your Mess.
    Start packing. You are LEAVING and no one wants to know where you are going, what you are doing, or what you think anymore. And leave the phone. It was paid for by US dollars and you don’t need it anymore. GOODBYE!

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