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What’s Up With Moscow Mitch McTreason?

So, what do you think of Moscow Mitch McTreason’s latest ploy (or statement, if you take him at his word. This is about his admonition to senate republicans to not try to block Biden’s swearing in… if he’s said something newsworthy since then, this isn’t about that.)

I suspect that he’s trying to indicate that he’s willing to work across the aisle, with hopes that will reassure Georgia voters that it’s OK to vote for the republican candidates.

I am still willing to bet pretty much anything at pretty much any odds that on the afternoon of January 20 he will rediscover his DEEP love of the balanced budget, and almost as ready to accept any bet that he’ll declare that his only goal is to make sure Biden is a one-term president; he will also continue to block any meaningful help to those affected by the pandemic and the economic down-turn in an effort to make people as miserable as possible under the Biden administration.

And of course, this raises a side question… Will MAGAts ever notice that it’s one person, Moscow Mitch, who is doing everything in his power to make their lives miserable? To put them on the street with no health care? I’m curious.

What say you?

One thought on “What’s Up With Moscow Mitch McTreason?

  1. I’ve been pretty much rendered incoherent watching Trump dance around committing sedition and his willingness to betray an entire country, the country of his birth, just to escape justice that would have found him at the end of his term anyway. Why not channel all of that optimistic delusion into just believing he can escape the state of New York, instead? Even worse, realizing that people still vote for him makes me physically ill whenever I think about it at all. People that I know. People related to me that I had thought were normal human beings. I’m disgusted and unsure what anyone will do when crunch-time comes. And yes, Mitch McConnell is just showing some late breaking sanity. Nothing to worry about, it will pass and he’ll be right back to his old self Republicans win the Senate race in Georgia.

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