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Silence Equals Complicity

It’s Not Over Until the Fat Lady Sings?

by Mari Sloan

Conflicting emotions cloud my mind during a time which should be one of great relief, for this country and for the world. I find myself pulling away from the fight that still is happening, and will continue as long as this country’s values and morality have tanked to the point where Trump is thought of as a suitable president by almost half of it.

Republicans follow blindly, Democrats fight among themselves. When Trump finally limps out of the White House and it is fumigated and found safe for habitation once more, our new President is going to find himself in the worst possible beginning of an administration in American history, and that includes the aftermath from two World Wars, a Civil War, and a Great Depression. He is not only going to be facing sullen non-cooperation from Conservatives (What’s new?) but also extreme pressure from members of his own party to try to get things done before the Toad tries another run at the presidency.

And the entire time, people are still dying.

“Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jabba the Hutt is still sitting on our country.” (For the sake of brevity and to avoid copyright complications, let’s just call him “The Toad”.)

The Toad has pretty much exhausted the courts in attempting to overturn a legal election that ousts him. Judges he thought that he was buying have shown some integrity. (Plus, unlike his cabinet, he can’t fire them.) Except for in the armpit of the Deep South (Alabama), Governors and legislators have been hard of hearing when he’s called, lately. If his escapades were fiction he would be a comical character at this juncture. But it is not fiction and he is not funny. He still has followers. After this entire shitshow, people still make excuses for him and still listen to his lies.

I am sick for America. I am sad for the deaths still occurring as we still are not facing this Pandemic head – on, still are distracted by the mutterings of a clown. The Toad has never been a President. He has been the moderator of a reality show choreographed by idiots and playing to a sadly victimized and dying audience. America may never have been what I loved and idolized. I know the many ways it has always fallen short but it always struggled toward goals, always worked to be better — until now.

Lady Liberty, may you please survive. 🙁

One thought on “It’s Not Over Until the Fat Lady Sings?

  1. That motherfucker is doing everything he godsdamned-well can to destroy this country, since it isn’t letting him get away with everything he fucking wants to anymore.

    What infuriates me even further is that there are those people who remain happily in lockstep with his insanity.

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