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Moscow Mitch McTreason explains why he won’t allow a vote on a $2,000 Covid benefit (aided by NPR)

Don’t get me wrong, I really DO love NPR, and consider them, along with the WaPo and NYT, to be the best news sources in the US. But they dropped the ball in my (well, less-than-humble) opinion.

In this morning’s (12/31/2020 – THANK GOD it’s nearly over) interview, the NPR reporter told how the House, in response the 45’s demands, had passed a $2,000 per person benefit to replace the previously-agreed-upon $600 (initiated when 45 refused to sign the bill with the $600 benefit and demanded $2,000), but that Moscow Mitch McTreason (that’s not the name they used, but I figured it out) had refused to bring the bill to the Senate for a vote. When the host asked why MMM would make that decision, the reporter said that MMM didn’t think that was the best way to help people, and played tape of MMM saying that the $2,000 per person was a fire-hose approach that would give everyone money when many people didn’t need it, and that targeted money to the unemployed and others in desperate need was the correct approach. And, the reporter helpfully added, many economists, including many who are not conservative, agree with that assessment.

THAT IS ALL TRUE. BUT the story ended there, and that is NOT the end of the story. YES, targeted help to those in need (and NOT assistance to defense contractors and millionaires and people who still hold their jobs etc.) is the better approach, BUT THAT PRESUMES THAT MMM IS WORKING ON TARGETED HELP FOR THOSE IN NEED.

And, surprise, surprise, surprise… he’s not.

I can only hope that the people of Georgia are paying attention to the fact that one person, Moscow Mitch McTreason, is, all by himself, and enabled only because he is the Senate leader of the party with more senators, preventing the $2,000 per person benefit, and is making sure that there are no other benefits, either. VOTE, Georgia, VOTE!!!

I hope that when the general population figures out what a weasel this man is, how he intentionally subverted Democracy to enrich and empower himself and his millionaire buddies, how he ignored the oath of office he took, they turn on him with the viciousness he deserves, and his children and grandchildren have to change their names and move and live in terror of being found out. That McConnell becomes the American equivalent of Hitler. Sure, trump is a greedy, heartless fool with no morals whatsoever, but he’s a toddler. He has no understanding of anything but punishing his enemies and enriching himself and his friends. Moscow Mitch McTreason (please, ALWAYS use his full name) KNOWS how the system was supposed to work. He understands American Democracy about as well as anyone. And he INTENTIONALLY took actions that would damage or destroy it for the sole purposes of remaining in power and enriching himself. HE IS SCUM.

One thought on “Moscow Mitch McTreason explains why he won’t allow a vote on a $2,000 Covid benefit (aided by NPR)

  1. Mitch McConnell is possibly the most corrupt politician in Washington, and that is like saying that a Great White is the most vicious fish in the shark tank. He has lots of competition but the difference is that he knows how the system works and he has worked it to his advantage and to the injury of the American people for a while, particularly these last four years. He can’t see over the stack of bills passed by the House and presented to the Senate for their “consideration.” The Senate has needed grave marker stickers for those bills. It is the place where bills go to die. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans died last year, too. And previous years.

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