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Happy New Year…2021?

by The Evil Overlady

So, the 365 days that made up the whole of 2020 have finally come to an end and we are facing the fresh slate that is 2021. No preconceptions so far, but there has been enough insanity during the previous year that there are some things should be expected.

Trump lost the 2020 National Election, but due to his inability to admit defeat, he’s descended in accusations of election fraud and the like. He is a demonstrated liar, and cannot conceive of any situation where he would lose anything. Once again, it smacks of a seriously disturbed childhood that cries out for a deep look into the forces that raised him to become the wanna-be tin pot dictator he so greatly desires to be.

He has certainly displayed a disturbing interest in the idea of a president-for-life sort of arrangement with the government of the United States. He practically sucked Kim Jong Un’s dick when they met, he so wanted that sort of idolization and level of absolute power of life and death over his own people.

It is notable that he has been most impressed with the most despotic rulers in this world. Kim, Putin, that megalomaniac who slaughtered Kurds when Dipshit von Fucksicle pulled our troops out of their country…

That speaks to a mind that is so deeply disturbed that if they weren’t in Dump’s position, they would be sedated, under observation, and heavy guard in a psychiatric facility. The sort where day trips outside just aren’t allowed.

As for the elections themselves, whenever attempts at election fraud occur, it seems that it’s always perpetrated by Republicans against Democratic candidates. Republicans casting votes using the ballots of already deceased family members (sometimes LONG deceased) seem to be the most common form of attempted election fraud, from what I have seen over the past several elections.

Some Republicans are planning to shove a spanner into the works of the confirmation of President-Elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to their new positions in the Executive Branch of our government. Weirdly, Moscow Mitch McTreason McConnell and Vice President Mike “Mother’s Boy” Pence have come out opposing those announced plans.

Is there something they know that the planners do not? At this point, I doubt Dump would resign in order for Pence to pardon him. That would smack of an admission of defeat, and Dump has demonstrated that he is incapable of any sort of admission along those lines. Pence certainly doesn’t seem as though he would seriously even entertain the idea of a pardon for DJT.

I’d like to think that both McTreason and Mother’s Boy both realize that the Dumpsterfire is wildly delusional and that allowing him to stay in office is nothing but bad for our country.

Yes, I’d like to think that, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on at all.

What they are afraid of is the continuation of their own lucrative political careers. McTreason will continue to run for reelection and his idiotic supporters will continue to vote him back in, but I don’t believe Pence would try to run for President. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s the vibe I’m getting from him right now.

I think he considers himself to be someone who would be (at least in his own mind) the power behind the Throne. The Dick Cheney of this administration, as it were.

This sort of shit has got to stop.

The lunatics on the more fringe levels of social media are stirring up that potful of shit slurry and are egging on their fellows to rise up in violence against the those who won’t support their brand of insanity.

It’s a scary thought and we all need to be so very careful that things don’t tip over into violence, blood, and outright murder.

Be safe, folks. Keep a close eye on one another and for Dread Cthulhu’s sake, WEAR YOUR FUCKING MASK!

One thought on “Happy New Year…2021?

  1. What I see are two politicians backing up quickly to avoid being associated with the dumpster fire when it catches everything around it on fire as it flames out. Even more terrifying, maybe they are party to more of his delusional ravings than they can deal with. He has 19 more days in office. Say too much? The stakes go up on the last minute high drama bullshit he may try. Say too little? IF he goes publicly insane, guess who is remembered with him? Days 7-20 of this month are going to be scary. What will he try once his last semi-legal option is done? Somehow I can’t see him moving to Ivanka’s Florida island without a fight.

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