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Silence Equals Complicity

Homegrown American Terrorist Insurrectionists

by The Evil Overlady

Have you seen the video of the idiot woman crying because she got teargassed or maced or whatever? 

These people don’t seem to realize what the consequences *are* when you make war. 

They are a bunch of fucking armchair warriors who watch entirely too much television and too many movies where everything is simply a flesh wound. 

They are (of course) the heroes in their own story so it’s always someone else that dies and not them. 

They’re motherfucking Arnold Schwarzenegger or Goddamn Van Damme and everybody else is that character actor who miscalculated and died.  

You recognize their face, but you never actually know their name.

Pay attention children and at least TRY to be grownups for a goddamned change.

To those expressing misguided sympathy for that woman who was shot and killed yesterday in DC, keep in mind this woman went in there to do war. 

When you do war, when you MAKE war, you need to be ready for the consequences of that decision. 

She got everything she so richly deserved.

She is not a martyr. She is a seditionist who paid the ultimate price for her disloyalty to her country. The country whose values she swore to protect and uphold when she served in the United States military.


(this post was originally posted to FB as two separate posts on January 7, 2021)

9 thoughts on “Homegrown American Terrorist Insurrectionists

  1. Overall, I was proud of law-enforcement yesterday. If you try to break in to the Capital building, you are facing real ammunition. You are committing real insurrection. If you stand in areas designated for protest, you are protesters. If you go to a Trump rally and he and his crazy lawyer and nut-bag son tell you to go storm the Capital and you do it, you may die due to your own bad judgement, but the instigators still bear some responsibility. Much of the responsibility.
    A small force armed against intruders that can be assumed to be up to no good when they began breaking windows to get in did its job with the weapons that they had. I hope that following Trump was worth dying for him. 🙁

    1. Actually, Capitol police did little to stop their entry.

      If these terrorists had been people of color, they would now be dead at the hands of those same Capitol police.

  2. Love you Mari. I suppose the available police did the best they could. Just look at the law enforcement that was in Washington when the BLM marched on Washington. I’m guessing there would have been a lot of body bags had it been BLM that broke in. And I would question why it took so long to get reinforcements after the terrorists broke into the Capitol building? I viewed one video of the Capitol police opening some of the fence barriers. And out of 50 + people that were arrested, 47 of them were for curfew violations. I’m guessing that Trump will attempt to pardon the assholes before he leaves office.

    1. If those had been people or color or Muslim, most would have been dead or dying within a couple hours.

      At least one of those Capitol police actually posted for selfies.

  3. He should be fired. Agreed. And Maxine Waters, Congresswoman agrees, as I actually do, too, that if the mob had been black or muslim they would have been shot immediately and that they would NOT do something like that BECAUSE they did not have white privilege to cause security with guns to hesitate. I agree there. Now it’s coming out which extremist groups were there, and that it was known that they probably would be there, that they had been attending Trump rallies. The question now is why was the Capital not better protected? I look forward to answers on that one.

  4. Protection was called out for other rallies in Washington, DC this year, and other protests. There is definitely a skin tone factor here, in that whites get “investigated” and nonwhites get shot immediately. There should be a lot of foot-shuffling when these questions are asked. And hopefully Homeland Security can be directed to investigate those groups that actually NEED investigation and a lot of other things can begin getting done. The balance of power in Congress is shifting.

    1. My nephew is biracial. He has been stopped countless times for what can ony be called “walking while Black” here in San Diego.

      It’s bullshit and I’m terrified for him.

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