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Tragedy, the Constitution, and John Lewis Democrats

Like much of America, I am still reeling in shock from the events of yesterday. It’s not a surprise but it is still a tragedy that one of Trump’s staged rallies became a protest that became a riot that killed four people and then threatened Congress and the very institutions that supposedly Conservatives are so proud that they support.

Mitch McConnell’s speech was a surprise. He chose the Constitution over Trump.

Pence is a surprise. He, too, chose the Constitution over Trump.

A number of staunch supporters are coming smash-face-up to their moments of truth and are choosing the Constitution over Trump, his crazy lawyer and his hopeful dynasty.

Those who don’t are getting their names taken. The rats are popping their heads up as the cheese factory collapses around them. Anti-corruption legislation attached to the once vetoed Defense Bill is going to make it much harder for Trump and his cronies to operate.

AND John Lewis Democrats won the Senate Run-offs in Georgia! 🙂

In the words of our new President Elect, leaders can either “inspire or incite.” The Trump clown show will still have followers, but the country needs leadership to make it through a Pandemic that is going to be a lasting problem for everyone, vaccinated or not. Congress is going to go back to its job of creating and passing legislation, judges have done well at interpreting and sticking to law and we will have a leader that will, to the best of his ability, lead and inspire rather than spending all of his time attempting to incite an insurrection. Hopefully Trump has finally destroyed his credibility and his future threat is diminished. Not gone, as humans are known for their short memories, but one can hope.

3 thoughts on “Tragedy, the Constitution, and John Lewis Democrats

  1. It appears that the only thing missing at the Trump rally nearby was a Sherman tank and a uniform for Trump to slip into as he was supposed to lead the charge. Didn’t any of the rioters think to look (behind them) to see if their leader was in attendance? Who do I attach responsibility for the deaths of the four rioters? Both the instigators and the people themselves. Surprised that someone got shot? NOT.

  2. True. And, like COVID virus, they are still going to be around even if Trump is shoved into a more minor role. Even vaccinated, we are still going to have to watch out for COVID and even with a new administration we are going to have to watch out for whatever right wing nut-cases stay attached to Trump. EVEN if, and don’t count on it, the Republican politicians manage to remember what happened and what he did to them, the Rabble and the Raving that he has accumulated as a base is still going to gather around him and he is going to be leading some sort of political party. He’s effectively split the Republican Party. Both are not going to stop being out there.

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