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Terrorists in Our Nation’s Capitol – Two Days Later…

by The Evil Overlady

The world remains in shock after the events of January 6, 2021 in Washington DC.

At this point, five people are dead, one of whom was a Capitol police officer who was essentially beaten to death. The others were Shitfapper von Weaselcum’s drooling, socially twisted sycophants.

One of those idiots apparently tased himself to death when his electrical accident caused him to have a fatal heart attack. I’d call him a Darwin Award winner, but it appears he’d already reproduced, which makes him ineligible to compete for that title.

Gods willing, his descendants aren’t as fucking stupid as he was. I have dubbed him “Zappy the Testicle Boy”.

I think it fits.

Another terrorist, an Air Force veteran, was shot to death as she tried to get into the same room with the Vice President and several members of Congress. As a war veteran, she surely knew that death was a real possibility for what she was doing. She deserves no sympathy. Her family in San Diego is, of course, insisting that she had no ill intent, but having seen the video of her trying to crawl through the broken window (the she herself broke) puts the lie to that claim. Yes, that video also includes her shooting.

She deserved her fate.


The mitey (no, not a typo) Shitfapper von Weaselcum, from the safety of that big White House, has technically said he would allow for a peaceful transition, but he did not mention President-Elect Biden by name when he did so. And even then, he seemed to be holding out for more “support” from the terrorists who descended on Washington DC on Wednesday.

One should note that those same terrorists are busy on their own personal crazy social media platform planning for more insurrection and violence for Inauguration Day. I’m assuming they don’t stop to think that not everyone on their platform actually agrees with their bullshit and that those people might bring their plotting to the public eye.

In the face of that exposure, those in DC had better be properly prepared this time. I mean, it’s not as though these assholes didn’t tell everyone what they planned to do the other day. They’d been planning this for over a month. Hell, even the Shitfapper posted on Twitter on December 19th about how shit would be happening on the 6th!

Trump’s December 19, 2020 tweet signaling the upcoming 1/6/2021 violence

“Be there, will be wild!” it says.

I’d say he was blowing his dog whistle, wouldn’t you?

Meanwhile, those in charge of the Capitol police claim they had no idea any of this was going to happen. The above tweet shows their heads were firmly up their asses.

All right, kiddies, am I to assume that you don’t use, nor do you know, anyone who uses social media? A fucking COMPUTER, for the gods’ sakes? Because that is the only way you could be so goddamned unaware of what was in the wind.

The head of the Capitol police has now submitted his resignation in the aftermath of this national disaster, and security has been heavily increased until at least just after Inauguration Day. My hope, however, is that more security is stationed in and around our Country’s seat of Government.

Now, I know that this bullshit will not end with the Inauguration. These armchair warriors will continue with their insane bullshit and will do what they can to whip their ilk into a frothing lather so they pull their terroristic bullshit all over again.

And once more they will be angered and shocked that any of them were killed in the enacting of those illegal acts. There is no question of that.

These are the people we will need to keep an eye out for before, during, and after each election, but they’re not going to go away. These people actively seek to overthrow our Constitutionally-established government and instead install their own twisted, Whites-only, quasi-religious nightmare.

We cannot allow ourselves to sit idly by while they continue to seethe and plot. We cannot allow them to destroy the Great Experiment which is the self-government of Democracy.

Because trust me here. If they can, they will. They most certainly demonstrated that fact on January 6, 2021.

Let’s not give them any opportunity to do something like this ever again.

4 thoughts on “Terrorists in Our Nation’s Capitol – Two Days Later…

  1. The Congressmen and women who continued to pander to Trump’s claims and objected to receiving the results of already proven fair elections, (the SAME tallies as THEY acquired four years ago) are fueling this. IF they had come forth and recanted, everyone had accepted the outcome and went home instead of debating (WTH was there to debate?) and making shitty speeches IMHO things might be a bit quieter right now.
    I have never been more behind BLM than I am now after watching White Privilege in action. If we can’t come to grips with Democracy BEING equality under the law for all, we will all lose it. Even the deluded assholes who think they can’t get shot, although they didn’t until it became apparent that their intentions were not nice at all. As someone told Maxine Waters, (someone who happens to be black) “We don’t want white people to get shot, too, we don’t want to get shot.” It’s time to look at Extremist Groups and figure out who is dangerous. The Proud Boys aren’t nice white kids with guns. BLM protesters are not automatically some group called Antifa. (Which still doesn’t exist.) What we saw 2 days ago was insurrection and it needs to be treated as such, not something diminished by support from ANYONE in Congress. IF, at this point, investigating is what is offered, then DO it. Break up these groups as insurrection NOW. Arrest these people. Set bail high. And boot any Congressman who supports any of them.

    1. Well, the asshole who put his shod feet on Pelosi’s desk was arrested today in Arkansas and has been charged with 3 Federal crimes.

      Federal prison.

      Maybe he can get into a pissing match with the current local Klan leader at the Federal prison he’ll inhabit, as he HAS identified himself as a White Supremacist more than once.

  2. If Congress doesn’t follow through we’ll have a much larger problem. To save the Republic and Democracy there must be a stiff penalty to pay. I doubt the citizens will tolerate anything less. Pissed is a mild word for what we are.

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