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2 thoughts on “Twitler Has Lost His Platform of Choice

  1. Yeah. Finally something has managed to penetrate his forcefield.
    He took it in stride when New York decided to prosecute him. He just moved to Florida.
    He didn’t seem upset when neighbors around him in Mar-a Lago took steps to NOT have him as a neighbor. After all, his daughter has an island now nearby.
    He didn’t worry about being a superspreader, toxifying the White House, ignoring people dying of the virus and even getting it himself. (He just made sure HE got the best medical care available.)
    He never cared that his followers are the scum of the Earth. He only cared that they followed.
    But not being able to run his mouth 24/7 and incite violence, insurrection and stupidity? WA! WA! WA! (Cries like the attention magnet infant that he is.)
    Trump, those of us with brains sentence you to obscurity and hopefully the state of New York can send you to jail. Thank you, Twitter!

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