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The State of COVID-19: January 9, 2021

by The Evil Overlady

Yes, there has been a shitstorm of bullshit going on over the past couple weeks, with the biggest mountain of shit happening three days ago. For many of us, it was sort of like watching the news during the events of 9/11.

In the aftermath of that, in some ways, there have been more coverage of that terrible event than the ongoing terrible event that has been COVID-19 for the past year.

Yes, kiddies, it’s been a fucking year since we started noticing this thing they were calling COVID-19, but which at the time was “safely” tucked away in China. “We” thought we’d be safe.

I mean CHINA! That’s what…halfway to the Moon from us here in the United States?

Well, it wasn’t long before the virus began its encroachment into other countries and then crossed from East to West, leaving infection and in many cases, death, in its wake.

As of this writing, there have been, worldwide:

Total cases 89.1MRecovered 49.6MDeaths 1.92M
Worldwide COVID-19 Statistics
Total cases 22MRecovered- (not given)Deaths 372K
United States COVID-19 Statistics

Take a look at that. Very nearly 370,000 people have died as a result of COVID-19 in the United States alone as of 8:30pm PST on January 9, 2021. Consider that the rest of those nearly 2 million deaths are spread across the remaining countries of the world, that means that something is even more horribly wrong here in the States.

We’ve been seeing new, more infectious COVID-19 variants emerging into the world and somehow crossing international borders to infect people here in the United States. Now before you blame Canadians and South Americans for this, realize that these variants appear to be coming from the general direction of Europe.

This means that people are traveling after having been infected with the virus.

WHY are they traveling? Were they tested beforehand? When did their infection occur?

Lots of questions here about that.

But when it comes down to it, people are NOT doing whatever-the-fuck it is they should be doing to keep from passing this shit along to innocent folks.

To be blunt, it’s simple.

Wear your fucking mask if and when you’re forced to go out, but FIRST AND FOREMOST…

Don’t. Go. Out. Unless. You. Absolutely. Must.

2 thoughts on “The State of COVID-19: January 9, 2021

  1. Los Angeles County, California (Posted LA Health Department on Jan. 9th for January 8th)
    totals: 906,171 infections, 12,084 deaths
    last 24 hours new active cases: 16,982 new infections, 221 deaths
    Sun Valley, CA (in LA County and surrounded by Burbank, Pacoima, and Sylmar)
    totals: 6,789 infections, 59 deaths
    last 24 hours new active cases: 130 new infections, 2 deaths
    Why does this matter to me? Sun Valley is the 9.42 square miles that I live in.

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