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Maybe it’s not all Grandma Green’s fault

by Rowan

I was sitting at my computer having a virtual coffee with our resident EOL, discussing the differences between what the Republican Party used to be, versus the unholy disaster it has become. She told me “I miss the reasonable Republicans of my youth. They were a lot more moderate in times past.”

It hit me like a ton of BRICKS.

The reason Grandma Green won’t turn away from the DOP (Damn Old Party) is that her mind is somewhere in the past. She thinks about the Republican party, and what she sees is a party that created social safety nets like Social Security and signed the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Medicare passed with substantial Republican Support (though they did try to kill it at first…)

You had Republican presidents who cared about the environment and those who were MOST in need of help. Even in the depths of dementia, Regan would have been appalled at what we are seeing today.

I think if Grandma Green were to sit down without preconceptions and have a long hard look at what the DOP has become, she would be sick. The problem is a problem of time, and unwillingness to take a deeper look. It’s the Bloody Shirt scenario all over again.

These are the types who want to go back to Leave it to Beaver, Segregation, and women being house pets. The so-called “Good Old Days.”

Gods help us all.


One thought on “Maybe it’s not all Grandma Green’s fault

  1. I agree with you, Rowan. In my 71 years I have been both Republican and Democrat, and mostly Independent. I’ve seen the parties switch positions and change before my eyes. And yes, I probably am Grandma Green, just California style. And even when you are old you can either stay aware of what is going on around you, or you can get run the hell over. I think I will keep moving with the times. ;-p

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