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Silence Equals Complicity

A Return to Government

It appears that Americans don’t dislike government as much as they thought that they did. Four years of Trump, who never was “America First” but was always “Trump First” were our wake-up call. If nothing else, we realize that America cannot be run like a big company with an all-powerful CEO. It’s more like a big, disruptive family with tradition, customs, respect paid — a part of a bigger world.

Atrocities were committed during the past four years and respect was sidelined, or bought and paid for. Lives were lost, destroyed, and many never survived to know that America would return to some semblance of normality. And we will. I can see it in the eyes of the people filing in to the Inauguration today. I see people hungry to have lives they can depend on again. To be able to trust that the most capable people qualified will be doing their jobs, for us.

That they will be allowed to do their jobs.

That they will protect us.

That they will respect each other again.

And that we can go about our business without wondering what is next.

And that diversity is present in our Congress.

That Science will lead decisions about medical issues and that life can go on.

And will go on.

We have a leader.

We have a government.

We have law and justice.

“We must end this uncivil war.” (President Joe Biden)

We have endured.

Mari Sloan

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