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The (Sort of) First Day…

Today is the (sort of) first day of Trumps trial after his Impeachment a few days before President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

His Most Esteemed Fapweasel’s attorneys are attempting to make the argument that the trial itself is unConstitutional, despite the fact that the United States Constitution spells out exactly what is involved in the process.

The dumbfuck has two lawyers, which is notable because of the fact that Dumpf has a well-established history of not paying those who do things for him. I’m assuming that he has either 1. convinced this stupid assholes that he’d going to pay them or 2. that they can submit the bill to Congress in the even of his being found innocent.

Either way, these fuckers are just goddamned stupid.

I’ll be following the events to see where they go.

You will be unsurprised to find that I have serious doubts that Republicans will be more than a little unlikely to find him guilty.

I’m hoping that won’t be the case, but I’d really like to think I’m not stupid.

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