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“Woke Supremacists” and “Cancel Culture”

by Mari Sloan


Woke (/ˈwoʊk/ WOHK) is a term that refers to a perceived awareness of issues that concern social justice and racial justice.  Woke is “being aware of the truth behind things ‘the man’ doesn’t want you to know”.

Woke Supremacy is being Defined by the power to name and shame, to demand abject apologies, to obliterate reputations and careers.

A perceived awareness of issues that concern social justice.

A term used to describe intolerant leftists of today.

Cancel Culture is the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures or companies after doing something offensive or deemed so. 

(To this I add) Removing statues and honors for historical figures that embraced racism or misogyny.

So why do Woke Supremacists want to cancel culture?

Woke is a term for being aware of things that have been going on that were ignored and a “Woke Supremacist” is someone who wants to do something about it. “Woke Supremacist” is a term originated by Conservatives as an insult. The goal of intolerant leftists to cancel the careers of the abusers or to cancel the culture that incubated the abuse is a response to years of White Supremacists and White Male Culture.

The issue is not whether racism, misogyny, and other aspects of viewing White Male Culture as superior to all other culture exists, or is prevalent, or has been ignored for more than two centuries in this country but whether it can actually go away instead of being swept under the carpet yet again without consequences that can cement in the changes. This brings up the term “Cancel Culture,” another verbal bomb in today’s political discussion.

Years of viewing White Male Culture as superior and often reverenced in the Southern part of our country has resulted in a type of White Culture there with deep roots in misogyny and racism. BLM is ready to put an end to that.

The working world has always placed male career advancement first and ignored and demeaned the value of women in the workplace, ignoring misogyny and demeaning behavior toward women as the price that career women must pay to “get ahead” in a  man’s world. The Me Too movement is ready to put an end to that.

The desire to cancel that culture rather than continuing to ignore it runs deep. Woke Supremacists (Intolerant Leftists) want that gone. Why? Maybe there is a new world to reverence and we want children of all races and sexes to have a part in it. For more than two hundred years advances have been made to begin change and then after a brief renaissance misogyny and racism return and change grinds to a halt. Maybe Woke Supremacists need to actually cancel some culture so that new generations can grow up seeing the culture for what it was; an embarrassing history that persisted for far too long. History does not make culture, reverencing it does.

4 thoughts on ““Woke Supremacists” and “Cancel Culture”

  1. Mari, once again I am in awe of your ability to succinctly encapsulate this concept and present it for better understanding. I for one believe this is a time of transition and positive change. In order to fully grasp the next rung, like on the monkey bars, we must let go of the previous one to achieve forward movement. Some things are better referenced for posterity and educational purposes. Perhaps we can heed the call of our latest public poet and become Brave enough to Be the light.

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