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Mass Shootings – March 2021

By The Evil Overlady

So now we’ve had two mass shootings in a matter of days and the conservatives continue to insist that stricter gun laws that might have helped to prevent them from happening in the first place shouldn’t even be discussed.

“Thoughts and prayers” and all that meaningless bullshit.

Neither Georgia nor Colorado (or as my daughter has dubbed the latter “The Mass Shooting State” – perhaps that should be Colorado’s new state motto) has a mandatory waiting period when one purchases a gun. The assholes who murdered so many people in Atlanta and then Boulder were able to purchase their weapons and then use them to slaughter innocent people on the same goddamned day.

No “cool down” period, and certainly not long enough to perform a thorough background check on these soulless motherfuckers.

No, it’s not “too soon” to address this latest tragedy. It’s been far too late now for several decades.

I guess that at this point, it doesn’t matter how many die, but perhaps it will eventually matter when WHO dies, as they clearly don’t give a shit when it doesn’t touch them personally.

But then, they kept their fucking mouths shut after the Fapweasel’s attempted coup on January 6, 2021, so who fucking knows if even a real threat to their personal safety is even enough.


3 thoughts on “Mass Shootings – March 2021

  1. 🙁 I suppose this means that the Pandemic is waning. Soul-less people who did not mourn or try to prevent slaughter of children do not care about the murder of a few adults.
    The priority of life has reached a new low in this country. Of course it makes sense for law enforcement to be the one carrying the guns, and those who are walking around armed can be spotted immediately when they are. When gun laws ARE enacted, they will be FAR stricter than they would have been if reasonably implemented earlier. Every needless death is crying out for them.

  2. This shit all pisses me off so very much, as you can see from what I wrote above.

    I don’t “get” why people seem to think it’s their “right” to own weapons like these.

    I had a fiancé who was murdered many years ago, shot twice in the chest with a handgun.

    The only thing that gave me ANY solace was knowing that his murderer then took their own life, so there was no “having a bad day” to be considered by a jury.

    The kid popped up with “The Mass Shooting State” as I was writing the article, so I decided it was best included. She pointed out that Colorado has probably had one of the largest (if not THE largest) incidence of mass shootings to date.

  3. If COVID-19 hasn’t killed enough people this year, we now will shoot each other again? We live in a madhouse, populated by fools. How many people will venture out of their homes only to find that unsafe in general? Here in LA cars and vehicles veer into buildings for no reason other than a faulty nut at the wheel. What sort of world are we building?
    Yes, I feel sad tonight.

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