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The Power of Money – Suppress Voter Suppression

by the Evil Overlady

What has happened in Georgia is unacceptable in the extreme. The newly signed legislation is directly intended to disenfranchise People of Color and to slant election results in favor of political conservatives who want to maintain a racist status quo in that State.

You may feel that as someone who does not live in that State (or indeed in the United States) that you can have no effect upon getting rid of that bullshit. Well, that feeling is fucking wrong.

You can make your voice heard, even remotely, by refusing to do business with companies that are based (or who have a physical presence) in that State.

Those companies include:

American Cancer Society
AmRest (Applebee’s)
Coca Cola (based in Atlanta)
You can find a comprehensive list of their multitudinous brands here.
Delta Airlines
Gulfstream Aerospace
Home Depot
NCR (National Cash Register)
Pirelli Tire North America LLC
Sunglass Hut
SunTrust Banks
UPS (United Parcel Service)
Waffle House

Looking for corporate listings as a whole?
You can find a listing of what is called the “100 Biggest Companies in Georgiahere.

Feel free to add your own Georgia companies in the comments below. Please note that I will be double-checking those additions for veracity.

One thought on “The Power of Money – Suppress Voter Suppression

  1. The Purdue family, long active in power enhancing Georgia politics and affiliated with Trump on a National level need to be investigated at a Federal level. Both Sonny Perdue, Former Georgia governor and agriculture secretary under Trump, and his cousin, Ex Senator David Purdue, have been long term offenders with their export and transportation company, Perdue Partners. They have a reputation for getting legislation passed that benefits their company and associated family agribusinesses engaged in selling agricultural grains and products domestically and internationally particularly. https://www.americanoversight.org/investigation/sonny-perdues-ties-to-his-family-business, https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/nation-politics/ethics-questions-dogged-agriculture-nominee-as-georgia-governor/

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