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What Putin is REALLY Doing…

By the Evil Overlady

Over the past several years, people have talked about Vladimir Putin interfering with US elections and politics. It’s been blatantly out there for a long time now. The little weaselfucker has done everything he can to destabilize America. Just look at that smug little smile he always has on his face. He knows what he’s doing and he’s fucking pleased with himself about it.

Now, there are those who believe he’s doing this to make us a part of Russia, but I don’t see that. He must know that ultimately, such a thing would not be possible. We’re too large a country with entirely too many armed citizens to make that A Thing.

What I do believe is that he’s doing this to destabilize the United States so much that we don’t pay attention to what’s going on around Russia’s borders. When the former Soviet Union fell apart during Ronald Reagan’s term in office, the Soviet Bloc countries under Mikhail Gorbachev went their own way, establishing their own governments, and making their own trade agreements with the rest of the world.

No longer was Moscow the seat of power for so much of that part of the world, and people like Putin could not allow that to stand. Little men are sometimes like that.

Short man’s syndrome, anyone?

Thus, in (noticeably short) Borg-like fashion, he has been attempting to annex those other countries to add to the distinctiveness of his own. His current target is Ukraine, and he has troops massing on their borders at this very moment. It’s not difficult to follow the next logical step in what that will bring. That’s an area he can fuck around with and bring to its figurative knees to the point where he can hopscotch his nasty little way in there and take over.

He wants something like the old Soviet Union to come back and he sees himself as the next Nikita Khrushchev, minus the attention-grabbing single shoe tapdancing on the table.

That’s something we, and by “we” I mean the rest of the world, cannot allow. Putin would gleefully take the world back to a time when the Cold War was something even more terrifying than what we have at this moment. He’s got his fully equipped and connected bunker, with his store of food and beverages to stay comfortable for an exceedingly long time indeed whilst the world burns.

Yes, currently, the US has plenty of its own issues. That cannot be reasonably denied, no matter how many people out there might try.

Systemic racism, societal upheaval, mass shootings, affordable housing issues, food insecurity, and more plague our people. The former Administration certainly did not help that situation and in fact only exacerbated it by removing rules put in place by Administrations prior to his own. It did not help that he put people in charge of certain departments where those individuals were exactly the wrong leaders.

And Trump didn’t give a shit. He saw the Presidency as just another opportunity for further grift, with the American people picking up the tab this time.

Fortunately, despite attempts to subvert the 2020 Presidential Election, this time, the Putin the Weaselfucker wasn’t successful in putting the Fapweasel in office for an additional four years. Hell, the bastard just signed a new law into effect in Russia that will allow him to run for President of that country at least two more times.

As though he would permit anyone else to win in a campaign against him.

Right now, we need to erase the international embarrassment brought to the American people by Donald Trump and earn back the respect of other countries. We need to reclaim our former (pre-Fapweasel) position as the Leaders of the Free World and let that slimy little weaselfucker know that this shit won’t be tolerated. Don’t let yourselves be distracted because he won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

Your distraction just plays right into Putin’s greasy little hands.

3 thoughts on “What Putin is REALLY Doing…

  1. America was a strong nation due to our alliances with other nations, and our reputation for coming through when the going got rough. WE have repudiated our alliances, insulted our allies and in general sullied what we had going for us. While I doubt that it will ever be completely restored, we have to start with the problems on OUR shores as well as trying to repair damage done. A weak America leaves room for an Internationally strong Soviet Union, and Putin revels in that. He IS what Trump wanted to be. We have to decide if the Soviet Union is what WE want America to be. I say not.

    1. He and his will continue their shenanigans even with a stronger and once again respected United States of America, but that returned respect will help to encourage other countries to stand with us against those shenanigans.

      There seems to be a perpetual “dirty tricks” sort of policy against other countries where Russia is concerned. They do it in an attempt to improve their own situation.

      But then, look at their situation. It’s hopeless, no matter what they try to do to fix it. Their infrastructure is completely fucked up with dated equipment in very bad repair. They were in that same place when the Soviet Union fell apart completely in the mid-1980s. Nothing much has changed since then, and I believe they think that if they grab back their former possessions that things will get better.

      They are wrong. They will only drag those countries down again with them.

      You can’t put chocolate buttercream frosting on a shit cake and make it delicious. It doesn’t work that way.

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