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Silence Equals Complicity

Will It Ever End?

by Doug

As I read about the current virus outbreak in Michigan, I am reminded of the lessons of the Trump White House. Remember them? While telling us all that it was no big deal and we should “just go back to work” and Democrats were proposing “cures worse than the disease”, they were in fact modeling really good anti-virus behavior…it was just out of sight so we couldn’t see it.

Those bastards KNEW what it took to keep THEMSELVES safe; they just didn’t give a tinkers damn about US. WE were fodder to keep the economy that enriched them going. WE didn’t need any kind of health care. It was no big deal that a half a million of US died.

The Trump White House had everyone who came into contact with the President checked with rapid result tests EVERY DAY. When the president contracted the disease, (which they knew right away because he was also tested every day) they threw ALL the treatments at him immediately, and those (very expensive and limited in number) treatments worked (fairly well) so he “recovered” quickly and announced that the virus was no big deal… before going back to the White House to fully recover.

Now we have his acolytes declaring that the virus is ‘cured’ and everything should be re-opened and that they don’t NEED to get the vaccine, or wear masks, or socially distance. Experts estimate that less than 50% of eligible adults in Sedgwick County (Wichita) Kansas will get the vaccine. And 50% is NOT enough to stop transmission and the ongoing evolution of new variants, so even those of us who DO get vaccinated will be put at risk by these trumpers.


We know how to deal with this virus; we just have to care about our fellow Americans. And many of us don’t, and those people are going to keep killing us. Evangelical “Christians” have among the lowest vaccination rates. I didn’t think it was possible for me to be more disgusted by them, as a group. Turns out I was wrong.


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