Evil Overlady

Silence Equals Complicity

Those Democrats …

What is it with old Right-Wingers now days? I stood in line in my multi-ethnic little Grocery Outlet, quietly stacking earth-friendly and healthy food choices and my reusable shopping bags onto the still screen protected counter. Unfortunately my face mask doesn’t also cover my ears. One line down a red-faced, heavyset elderly man was loudly educating the young sales clerk, who continued processing his order impassively.

“Democrats aren’t the same kind of Democrats that you used to know! These Democrats now are unAmerican! They don’t stand for American values!” No one answered him. No one spoke at all. Except for the clerk, no one made eye contact with him. And the clerk didn’t even ask him if he wanted bags, or if he wanted to donate to the fund the store collects routinely for the hungry in our neighborhood. No one said anything to him at all. Half-ranting, half beseeching, he talked to a captive but quickly disappearing crowd. And he did not leave.

(A friend of mine commented that he bet the silly old codger scooted out of there in plenty of time to catch Tucker Carlson on the tube.)

Mari Sloan 7-31-21

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