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Silence Equals Complicity

Allah/God. Different Words, Same Meaning.

by Your Evil Auntie

When language is used to create “otherness”.

Please bear with me here.

I’m slowly absorbing my morning caffeine and I realized that Christians have created a sense of “otherness” between Christianity and Muslims in a very insidious way. It’s pretty obvious, too.

My apologies to my Muslim friends for not picking up on this earlier.

Christians say that Muslims say “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is His Prophet.” (PBUH)*

However, the word “Allah” *means* “God”, so what they are actually saying is “There is no God but God and Mohammed is His Prophet“. (PBUH)

Arabic Christians use the word “Allah” to refer to the Christian God for that reason, as “Allah” is an Arabic word.

No reason they would refer to that Entity with an English word, right?

(This all came about because of a stupid meme going around Facebook about some fool saying they tried to subjugate “Allah” during an experience astral projecting in an attempt to “kill” that Entity.)

*PBUH is the acronym for “Peace Be Upon Him”, which is the respectful phrase used when referring to the Prophet.

2 thoughts on “Allah/God. Different Words, Same Meaning.

  1. I sitting here, before morning coffee, connecting with you, EOL, and a million souls who each have their own traditional way of not being lost in a sea of humanity. Religion is one, rich in tradition and ranging from maintaining a position in a structure particular to your family moorings to believing that a personal God knows you exist. Either way, it serves a purpose in ensuring that an individual is not “lost.”
    We are lost when we no longer can connect to something. The more lost we become, the more we want to connect to whatever we remember. Contact with other humans has fallen to Pandemic restrictions in the interest of staying alive and the link to tradition has fallen prey to the chaos of out times.
    When I was little my home was rich in religion, and myth or missive, and everything was about Jesus. The only way that sort of structure can be maintained in modern society with its open communication is to be dismissive of every other sort of custom or belief structure and extremely dismissive of an “open mind” approach.
    Tradition has been liquidated in the interest of our need to feel connected to something, rather than seeing it for what it is — a quilt square in a very large tapestry. In the interest of not feeling “lost” we are square pegs in the cosmic whole. The human creature has just enough intelligence to get itself into trouble without enough intelligence to be a part of a cosmic whole able to accept that we do not all need to be alike. We share Earth, and we need to treasure her.
    Now I’m going to my muse, the internet, to see if anyone else ever made “Tipsy Square” at Christmas time. 🙂

  2. I figured everyone (well, except the most benighted) knew that and many of them chose to play dumb because they are just racist, bigoted arseholes.

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