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Ukraine and “Charity” Donations

by Your Evil Auntie

With the upsurge of purported “charities” seeking money that they claim is supposed to benefit the Ukrainian people in their ongoing battle against the Russian invaders, I posted the following the Farcebook.

So “100% of profits” will be donated to your Ukraine “charity”?Define “profit”.

What is your entire CLAIMED cost per unit of these pins/shirts/whatever/feeling good that you’re selling?Because it’s likely a bullshit number.

Keep in mind that they could “donate” 1% of what they take in to Ukraine, keep the other 99% and still qualify as a “charity”.

Don’t be fooled.

Check with Charity Navigator before sending your money anywhere.


Check out any purported charities (connected with Ukraine or any other cause) with Charity Navigator before you send anyone your intended and generous donation.

Your Evil Auntie

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