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California’s Proposed 32-hour Week Bill

by Your Evil Auntie

Too much month at the end of the money…

California’s 32-hour work week for companies with over 500 employees bill is fucking stupid and potentially evil.

The author’s cockeyed reasoning is that people would be somehow “guaranteed” eight hours of overtime a week for employers to get those 40 hours in.

Whomever authored that bill has been sniffing too much warm, rotting sewage.

What employer is going to WILLINGLY pay overtime on a weekly basis to get a 40 hour work week?

No, they’ll just adjust their employee’s schedules so that someone ELSE fills that needed time slot. It’s easy to do. Just schedule Marcia for Monday through Thursday and Felice for Tuesday through Friday.

Look, Ma! No overtime!

So that means that people will be making LESS each week and will have to go and find that mythical “second job” to make up for the missing wages.

This bill is actually better for employers and WORSE for employees, at least from how I’m reading things.

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