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HAVE YOU STOPPED LATELY and thought about the ways the Pandemic has changed your life? Permanently? Not just the obvious things but life took a direction world-wide that none of us saw coming. It does that once or twice a century, but hardly ever so dramatically or so fast.

First of all, our FREEDOMS.

FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT. Freedom from having to consider the affect OUR freedom has on others. None of us will ever leave the house again without having to prepare for leaving. There is a small percentage of us that it is unhealthy for us to leave the house at all.

FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Americans are used to an almost unlimited choice of goods and services. With supply issues now, a number of us have become hoarders, something NO ONE expected. Instead of the easy, breezy knowledge that if we want something at any given time we can just leap into the car and drive a mile or two and buy it at a good price, we’ve faced a life where it may not be available AT ALL. And certainly not at a good price. Or in the size you prefer. We just may have to choose something else. If we see what we like at a good price we seize the day! Which brings us to …

INSTANT GRATIFICATION. That good deal and that product we really want may have to come to us in a box and at the convenience of a mail carrier. We’ve had to become planners. Companies have sprung to the challenge and Amazon has become the go-to provider of goods to America. What you want at an affordable price and delivered the next day. Plus throw in streamed movies, books, music and other benefits with Prime, and you have the deal of the century but an entirely different way of life. Having what you want instantly is a thing of the past.

PAYING ATTENTION TO OUR HEALTH. Never has there been a time when we were more aware of a sore throat or a sniffle, or the health of our families or neighbors. Huge gatherings, buffets, family meetings — hugging. We THINK about these things now. The greatest love you can show for your fellow man, or woman, is NOT to go out if you feel sick. There is a touch of hypochondriac hoarder in ALL of us now. During the last two years we have adjusted to Zoom and online meetings. Even us old grandmas. A whole generation of toddlers are used to seeing Grandma and Grandpa on the screen, rather than in person. It is what it is.

TRAVELING. Planes, Trains and Automobiles, choose your poison. Airplanes have an enclosed air system, trains take forever to get where you are going and gas is $6 a gallon in California. Say no more. IF fuel wasn’t so much you might get a good deal on that flight or that cruise, but it is. The travel industry is tanked.

These are just a few of the things that have changed in the last three years. I am sure each of you can add to this list.

Bon Voyage, you agoraphobic hypochondriac hoarder, you! It wasn’t always like this!

Mari Sloan 6-18-22

One thought on “CHANGES

  1. Things have changed a LOT over the past two years.

    I mean, yes, change is normal, but the sheer AMOUNT of change that has happened since BC (before COVID) is simply staggering.

    I seriously doubt things will ever go anywhere near back to what they were, but I know we’re sure trying to get things back to normal at least as much as we can manage.

    Thanks for posting this, Mari. /hugs

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