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Silence Equals Complicity

The Surprise January 6 Hearing – 6-28-2022

by Your Evil Auntie

They say that history tends to repeat itself, so when it comes right down to it, we probably shouldn’t really be all that surprised now, should we?

So, a bit of history here for the kiddies…

We thought we’d seen the worst it could get when we experienced Richard Nixon and his cronies Gordon R Liddy, John Haldeman, John Dean, and several others involved in the Nixon Presidential Administration trying to get away with burglarizing the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate complex on June 17, 1972.

We discovered during the subsequent investigation of the Watergate “plumbers” that things were squirrellier in the Nixon White House than we’d realized. The guy was practically delusional, in fact.

Nixon had his “enemies list” of political opponents he wanted to “destroy” by targeting them for special attention from the IRS and also by limiting their access to government grants and more. 

We also discovered that Nixon liked to keep track of conversations and would record them whenever possible. Of course, those he recorded had no idea that was even going on. During the course of investigating the tapes that were turned over, it was discovered that eight and a half minutes of  those recordings were missing.

All these years later, we still have no idea what was on those missing minutes of tape. Certainly no one has come forward with verifiable information as to what was said there.

Nixon eventually resigned in disgrace and his minions were sent to prison to pay for their sins. Tricky Dick, as he had long been nicknamed, told us we wouldn’t “have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore”.

I’m not sure who he thought was “kicking him around”, as it seems to me that he was the one with the big fat foot firmly planted in our Democracy’s tender backside.

We felt secure and safe again once he had resigned and then-Vice President Gerald R Ford, took over, for better or for worse. Many people expected that Nixon would face trial and then prison time for his illegal acts. It only seemed right and reasonable under the circumstances.

But then, obedient little Republican boy Gerald pardoned his former Commander-in-Chief, which pretty much doomed Ford’s subsequent attempt to run for another term after his first term ended. No one was feeling particularly forgiving of a man who had pardoned someone who quite clearly was guilty of having committed a crime.

Ford lost to James “Jimmy” Earl Carter, Jr., a Georgia peanut farmer whose whole attitude practically screamed good-natured honesty. He was a seemingly gentle man who actually lived his deep Christian values and someone for whom I have the utmost respect, which I cannot say for many of his faith.

Sadly, due to political events abroad, Jimmy lost his attempt at a second term in office to Ronald “Ronbo” Reagan, retired actor and full-time dipshit. Ronnie brought us Iran-Contra, horrific jokes at a podium with an “open” (live) microphone, and the “brilliant” reference to military uniforms as “costumes”, possibly early signals of his fast-encroaching (and later well-documented) dementia.

And now, 50 years later we are going through this current situation with the Fapweasel and it is orders of magnitude worse. 

It was bad enough when people were impressed by a television showman and decided that a man with a long history of serial marital infidelity, ripping off of creditors, multiple failed business ventures, serial bankruptcies, grotesquely inappropriate behavior toward women, and more was a suitable candidate for the highest position in the United States.

All of these bad acts are also well-documented.

At one point, he referred to a confrontation between neo-Nazis and Liberal protestors as having “good people on both sides”.

Where in the world is a Nazi ever a “good person”? That’s just not possible. It doesn’t matter if they love their kids and their spouse, have a dog, a cat, and have a catch with the kids on the front lawn in the evenings; they are still Nazis and Nazis were not ever and are not now ever “good people”.

When he clearly lost the Presidential Election in November 2020, he absolutely refused to accept his loss and prepare for a peaceful transfer of power, something with has always been, at least until then, anyway, a notable hallmark of American politics.

No, he instead doubled down on his bogus claims of election fraud and he and his cronies threw wild hypotheses about what they claimed happened. None of that virtual pasta stuck to any walls except for perhaps the insides of their vacant skulls.

Unfortunately, there were people who believed and continue to believe the Fapweasel’s claims and they saw themselves as some sort of force being called to action by their führer, taking everything he might do and say as some secret signal. We’ve seen that kind of shit before with people deluded into thinking that some person they adore is sending them secret messages. Unfortunately in this case, it wasn’t just a single deluded individual.

On January 6, 2021, up to one hundred twenty thousand Insurrectionists invaded the US Capitol in an attempt to not only overthrow a rightful presidential election using bogus electors, but in an active attempt to ferret out and then murder the sitting Vice President (who had refused to participate in the Fapweasel’s attempted subversion of our political system), and also those members of Congress his deplorables felt stood in the way of their plastic messiah’s delusions of dictatorial empire.

They even erected a gibbet on the front steps of the Congressional building. Something like that speaks volumes, even without a megaphone to amplify its words.

We heard shocking testimony today from White House staffer and Special Assistant to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Cassidy Hutchinson. Ms Hutchinson, who is all of 25-years-old, shared things with the American people that shocked almost everyone who heard (or later read) her words.

She told how when the Fapweasel was displeased with the smaller numbers on hand to hear his speech that day, he demanded that metal detectors be removed so that the individuals he knew full well were arms would be able to attend as well. His reasoning as to his safety?

“They’re not going to shoot me!”

Well, now, isn’t that just goddamned special? He knew they were armed, but knew they weren’t gunning for him, so what did it matter if they surrounded him.

Sounds like a fucking little tin pot dictator, doesn’t it?

Fortunately, much cooler heads told him that wasn’t going to happen. The metal detectors would remain, and so he wasn’t able to assemble his personal militia.

She related to the January 6 Committee that when Trump was told on January 6th that he would not be taken to the Congressional building after that speech, he first attempted to take the vehicle’s wheel, then when told to remove his hands from that wheel, actually put his hand to the neck of the secret service officer who was driving the Presidential limousine, demanding to be taken to the Congressional building because “I’m the fucking President”.

Every time there is another hearing about the events of January 6, 2021, I am horrified to learn more of what transpired that day behind closed doors. It seems that every time I think the shitpile has finally reached its apex, someone appears with an even larger shovelful of end product.

And even worse than that is the fact that there are people out there who even after hearing all of what went on, continue to support his miserable worthless ass.

I’d like to think that they would pull their heads out of their asses and return to the light of day after digging the shit out of their ears, but they seem perfectly happy to remain where they are in a human millipede of deplorableness.

Goddess willing, we might survive this, but I have low hopes of that happening in my lifetime, if at all.

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