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Silence Equals Complicity

The Early Morning Coffee Table Club

by Your Evil Auntie

My daughter and I recently discovered a hidden gem here in the wilds of San Pedro, California: a locally-owned coffee shop that actually has very good coffee. Simply scrumptious.

The pastries they offer don’t suck, either, but first thing in the morning, the caffeine’s what truly matters.

Anyhow, our first day there, we discovered a tableful of old farts who’d been meeting there for at least the last decade, and who met at another place before that, before that venue was demolished in the name of “progress”.

From FarceBook this morning:

Daughter and I just found a new coffee shop to get very good coffee from.

We also discovered a large table whose elderly regulars include:

A guy who has decided he’s Native American and has gone all Graham Greene on things.

The guy who gets his “news” from YouTube. (Did you know Anne Heche was MURDERED? Neither did I.)

The quiet Trump voter who sits at the table and reads his paper, only occasionally voicing comments. I’ve found I actually LIKE the silly old bastard, much to my surprise. We just don’t talk politics. (We’re planning to fuck with the first guy I mentioned here tomorrow morning.)

The LOUD Trump voter who also denies global climate change (even more loudly).

The Egyptian guy, Ramses, who says that he’s related to the historical Ramses (mostly harmless — great smile and sense of humor).

We sit there until we finish our triple lattes and then leave after grabbing seconds cups of very decent drip coffee.

I’ve decided I’m going to find a way to include the whole tableful of them in a future work. They deserve to be immortalized.

I plan to give updates on them as I’m able.

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