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Silence Equals Complicity


by Your Evil Auntie

A lot has gone on over the past several months on both the political front and the personal front.

The elections in November gave the House to the Rethuglicans and the Democrats only just barely held the Senate. Nancy Pelosi left the Speakership, and after over a dozen votes, House Republican Kevin McCarthy finally whittled away enough of what little remained of his soul to be granted the Speakership.

Shenanigans and whatnot proceeding immediately thereafter, because of course they did.

Now we’re back to “investigate Hunter Biden” and “Hunter Biden’s (no verifiable chain of custody) laptop!” bullshit. It just never seems to end.

We’ve just reached a year since the Russians invaded Ukraine, and the Ukrainian people are still battling on to preserve their country and keep it from Putin’s fat, grubby, acquisitive fingers, no matter how hard he keeps throwing anything he can at them, even mercenaries and convicts conscripted out of Russian prisons. Despite all of this insanity, the Ukrainians are determined to succeed.

I stand with Ukraine. We all should, in point of fact. Individuals and countries, both, because if/when Putin achieves his goal with Ukraine, he’ll move on to Poland, I have no doubt of that.

And personally, this last December my family and I moved across the United States after buying a home in southern New Hampshire. So, now no more Southern California wet holiday seasons. We’ve exchanged those out for snowy Novembers, Decembers, Januaries, and Februaries.

And no, we don’t regret this move one tiny bit.

We’ve gone from an itty bitty little two bedroom, one bathroom apartment to a place that is far larger (4x larger, in fact) that is on just a hair short of an acre of heavily-treed land, and the mortgage isn’t all that much more than we were already paying for rent, and that figure includes our annual property taxes, prorated out over 12 months.

Well, to be fair, the girls (our two Chihuahuas) don’t much like the cold white stuff on the ground and the icy chill that’s outside at times. However, I’m fairly sure that once Spring arrives and the weather begins to warm, they’ll appreciate their new digs far better. They just don’t know that yet.

We have many friends in and around the State, so that doesn’t suck, either. Some have already come to visit, and that was fucking cool to be able to do something like that. The apartment really didn’t lend itself to that sort of entertaining at all.

And finally, it’s nice to no longer have a landlord. No longer having to worry about getting a note on the door giving us 24 hours notice of an inspection/upgrade/whatever. That doesn’t suck — and we can make alterations to the place without having to worry about getting landlord approval for such an undertaking.

In fact, we’ve already contracted to have a full-house generator installed against the very real possibility of extended power outages, which aren’t good when you work remotely. Yes, there’s a six month lead time for it to actually be installed (partially because of weather conditions) but that’s okay. At least we know we’ll have one in the future. We’re looking at having AC installed as well, using the existing furnace vents to move the cooler air around the house, we just haven’t contracted for that just yet.

I’ve only done one video so far from my new private office that I have in our place’s basement. The room came already painted red, which is fine with me, and is still in its developmental stages. I want to install some fixed wall shelving, a daybed (for chatting/napping), etc., but I have the time to make that happen.

I will note that New Hampshire is one of those States that contains more than its fair share of Fapweasel-sucking shitbags and lunatics, but living where we do, we’re about a half hour from the Massachusetts border if we want to escape any lunacy for any length of time. So far, the neighborhood seems quiet. We have a family with small kids next door and some other families with kids in and around the neighborhood. Nothing obnoxious and no MAGAhead signs anywhere in the immediate area, so that’s promising.

No, I won’t be knocking on doors to actually ask them what side of the political spectrum they support, but I’m pretty sure I’ll start finding out in the relatively near future. People carry guns in this State and as my father once said (in response to discovering my third pair of ear piercings) I “have enough goddamned holes in your head already!”

Don’t worry, he said it with love.


Anyhow, your Evil Auntie is back on the air. I’ll chat in again soon!

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