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Silence Equals Complicity

Gullibility and the “New” GOP

by Your Evil Auntie

A question for those who currently identify as Republican:

If Tucker Carlson said that fire was harmless, would you walk into a burning building, unprotected?

If Sean Hannity told you that arsenic was a healthy sugar substitute, would you feed it to your kids?

That seems to be what is currently happening with members of what I call the “New Republican Party”, a group of people who have clearly demonstrated that they have only the barest grasp of reality, if they have any grasp of it at all.

It was bad enough pre-Trump, but since the Fapweasel entered the political arena, things have devolved into the sort of surreal bullshit that would have caused George Orwell to step back, put up his hands and cry out “Oh, fucking hell, no!”

“Fake News”. “Fair and Balanced”. “Alternative Facts”.

Those are only part of the current Newspeak lunacy.

The Country I once knew, where liberals and conservatives could have intelligent discussions together, appears to have become a thing of the past. True bipartisanship and love of people and Country, at least as I knew it for the first forty-five or so years of my life, seems to have largely disappeared.

Now I see people who refuse to believe things that science has discovered (through replicable multiple trials) to be true, what recorded on-the-spot videos have clearly shown to be true, and instead believe what can only be described as completely batshit bullshit spewed forth from the mouths of grasping self-described “Patriots” who only seek to gather up power for themselves whilst turning the rest of us into credulous, obedient worker drones.

They have and continue to hold beliefs that at one point would have resulted in them being held (rightly) for serious psychological evaluation.

I’d ask where this will end, but at the moment I can only see that it won’t end well. Friends and families have been torn apart by this continuing insanity and I despair for what has become of our “Great Experiment” in Democracy. The mindless violence demonstrated on January 6, 2021 at our Nation’s Capitol is only a relatively small demonstration of what I fear we face sometime between now and the next presidential election in November 2024.

For the love of your fellow humans and our Country, don’t allow our Great Experiment to fail. Support and actually vote for those political candidates who have demonstrated that they aren’t batshit crazy and/or who have shown they aren’t goddamned megalomaniacs.

Yes, your vote counts. Exercise it well and often or our Country will further devolve, with our “inalienable rights” being slowly whittled away, one by one, by those who find the idea of “equality” threatening.

2 thoughts on “Gullibility and the “New” GOP

  1. I 1,00,000,000% Agree with you! Tucker Carlson and Trump and his Ilk are seditionists and an embarrassment!

    1. If/When confronted, these assholes will protest that the First Amendment protects them, but they conveniently forget that it only protects PEACEFUL (although still massively offensive anti-government) speech, not speech that foments violence and especially treasonous/seditionist behavior.

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