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Silence Equals Complicity

34 is a Magic Number (…with apologies to Schoolhouse Rock)

by Your Evil Auntie

Thirty-four. What a magic number. The bigliest number anyone has ever seen. You’ve never seen so much number.

Yes, the Fapweasel was found guilty by a jury today in his New York fraud trial, and subsequent polling of those jurors (at the Defense’s request) indicates that their votes were unanimous. There were no holdouts, as I suspect the Fapweasel was likely hoping there would be.

Reports from courtroom spectators indicate the Fapweasel sat very still during the reading of each of the charges and the verdict determined for each. To be honest, I am surprised he didn’t stand up in court and loudly denounce the jurors as each verdict was read out.

Maybe one of his attorneys gave him a sedative to calm him before he arrived in court, or maybe he was self-medicating. Any is possible, I suppose.

No, for that, he waited until he was outside of the courtroom, at which point he went on and on about “rigged” juries, “criminals”, etc. Of course, that’s no surprise at all, as Donniebrook has a habit of lashing out at people who don’t fawn all over him and his perpetual bullshit.

At this point, the appeal process will begin, but who knows where that will end. I doubt it will be over with by the time the November elections arrive, and I’m fairly certain it will all end up in the hands of the SCOTUS, where his handpicked minions, feeling a “duty” to be loyal to that lying shithole, will work to overturn those verdicts.

The people have spoken, and they’ve said that the Trumpsterfire is guilty of the charges against him. Keep in mind that those jurors weren’t chosen by just one side. Both attorneys had the ability to challenge prospective jurors before the trial actually began.

I’m sure that the Fapweasel and his people tried to interfere with the jury balloting process, but it appears to me that they were not successful in that endeavor. I’m sure they are trying to find out everything they are able to about each juror in an attempt to “prove” that they weren’t being neutral in their time in court and then balloting.

My concern is that doxxing will occur, and then those poor people will need to go and hide somewhere, as the Fapweasel’s jackbooted minions will certainly attempt to seek them out and do either them or their loved ones harm.

I’m honestly surprised that he hasn’t yet had a stroke from all of the stress he’s been under all this time, and at least one Big Mac a night, eaten in bed, can’t be good for him. I can visualize the amount of fat that is wrapped around his heart, slowly strangling it as it builds up there.

With luck, that outcome will arrive sooner, rather than later.

If this sack of rancid Big Mac and tomato catsup shit makes it until Election Day in November this year, please vote #BlueNoMatterWho on that day. We can ill-afford to elect someone who has already said that he plans to be dictator on Day One of any subsequent term. There are noises about what will amount to concentration camps housing people who don’t like Donniebrook.

Sounds an awful lot like NAZI Germany to me, and didn’t our forefathers and foremothers fight tooth and nail to beat fascism abroad in World Wars I and II?

Don’t make their sacrifices be in vain.

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