Evil Overlady

Silence Equals Complicity

Why We NEED to Vote Blue in November 2024

by Your Evil Auntie

Me, eavesdropping on Canadian security guys (we’re on vacation here, but have slipped a bit of work in, midweek) talking about Biden’s age as I wait on my daughter in the lobby of a data center.

Me, interrupting their discussion, as I’m the typical rude American:

“Hey, Biden may be OLD, but he’s been a politician for decades, and he knows how all of this works! The Orange Asshole thought that he could just order things to happen and had to learn that he had to do things a certain way. Also, check out Project 2025. That’s what the Republicans plan to do if the Orange Idiot is reelected. People lose rights and others will be put in camps. Does that remind you of something else that happened not really all that long ago?”

Quiet nods.

I returned to my seat in the lobby.

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